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Values and Culture

Values and Culture at Stockbridge Village Primary School

Why we work the way we do

Our school is a great school built on a core belief that there is more in everybody than we think. We call this belief ‘Learning Without Limits’ and everything we do and say in our school is aligned to this way of thinking and being.

We are situated in the proud community of Stockbridge Village and we have a beautiful building with one class for each age group from Nursery to the end of the primary phase.  We have a dedicated team of staff with a teacher and a learning coach within each class.

Our values are important to us – they help us keep our vision and our integrity to our beliefs.  

  • We believe in an ethic of Everybody because a sense of belonging is integral to all our human needs.
  • We value Respect.  We appreciate diversity and we respect our differences.
  • We value Trust.  We are a high trust school – we trust that children will want to learn when the conditions are right for them; and we trust our staff.
  • We value Courage.  We believe courage is a prerequisite for all leaning and endeavour in life. Without courage the other values don’t work.
  • And we value Kindness and compassion and try to show this every day in our school.

In short, we are a school that works with mutual respect with all our families and we professionally love our children.

Our goal is to ensure that the needs of all our children are met and to ensure every child can pursue their passions and interest with courage and pride. 

Our school values quality, character, standards and craftsmanship. It is a school where children are always encouraged to do real work for a real purpose whenever we can, both in school and in the wider community. Our children are taught how we can all work together to help make our school and the world a better place. In order to do this, our curriculum is full of expeditions, out and about experiences and produces work of high quality for real audiences, sometimes with a lasting legacy beyond the school grounds. We expect excellence in everything we do – in practising new things, in our work and in our character.

Our commitment is to develop and sustain great educational provision that serves our children, families and the community leaving a lasting legacy for everybody.

We continuously reflect on our provision and evaluate all that we do and who we are.  We have strong links with the local parish; we work with our local housing trust, cultural centres, partner primary schools and a wide range of experts to secure positive contributions to the curriculum and our local community, and a shared sense of pride in all that is Stockbridge. 

We will always work in mutual respect with our families and will leave no stone unturned in our ‘learning without limits’ journey.

How we work

At SVP children gain critical skills and knowledge that they are required to put to work in projects so that they can lead a flourishing life; and have the disposition to help others to do so.

What we do – Vision of Achievement

We believe in a deeper and broader vision of achievement – so national tests are a starting point and we know that character is vital for success and is equal to being able to master knowledge and skills and producing high quality work. Ultimately, it is our character that we are judged for in life – who we choose as friends and who we want to work with.

Our School Habits of Work and Learning

Our classrooms

We have classrooms alive with inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.  Our children talk a lot about their learning and are are inspired by their teachers. The children are required to think and work like professionals, such as scientists, architects, planners and they produce high quality work for real purposes – they quite literally help make the school, and the world, a better place.

Labels – one thing we don’t do is give children negative labels

Labels can inadvertently change the way we behave with our children and may limit our expectations of what they can do and achieve.

We therefore don’t believe that children’s futures are knowable and we nurture and challenge them to always believe in themselves and understand they might not be able to understand something …yet. The power of ‘yet’ is important to our self-belief and self-esteem in our school.

So, at SVP, we will only use 2 labels for our children – that they are all intelligent and all extraordinary

In short, our staff crew and all our children are supported to do better work, and be better people than they thought possible.

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