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Religious Education


The intent of Religious Education (RE) within Stockbridge Village Primary, using the Wirral Scheme, is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development among our pupils. Our aim is to foster respect and understanding of different faiths and beliefs while encouraging critical thinking and reflection on moral and ethical issues.

The curriculum intends to ensure that pupils explore key religious concepts, develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and worldviews, and reflect on their own beliefs and values. Through high-quality teaching and learning experiences, we seek to nurture an inclusive ethos where all pupils feel valued and respected, regardless of their background or beliefs.


The implementation of RE using the Wirral Scheme is rooted in a carefully planned and sequenced curriculum that progresses in complexity as pupils move through the school. Teachers utilise a variety of teaching strategies, including interactive discussions, experiential learning activities, visits to places of worship, and engagement with artefacts to bring the subject to life.

By incorporating opportunities for pupils to ask questions, participate in meaningful dialogue, and engage in personal reflection, we aim to deepen their understanding of religious practices, beliefs, and the impact of religion on individuals and communities. Regular assessment and feedback mechanisms are in place to ensure that all pupils are supported in their learning and make meaningful progress.


The impact of our RE provision using the Wirral Scheme is evident in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of our pupils as they engage with the subject. Pupils demonstrate a respectful and empathetic approach towards diverse religious perspectives, showing an appreciation for the richness of cultural and religious diversity both locally and globally.

Through their engagement with RE, pupils develop critical thinking skills, respect for others’ viewpoints, and the ability to articulate their own beliefs thoughtfully. They show a keen interest in exploring big questions about life, purpose, and morality, contributing to their personal and spiritual development.

The impact of RE using the Wirral Scheme is also reflected in pupils’ ability to make connections between their learning in RE and other areas of the curriculum, fostering a holistic understanding of the world around them. Furthermore, pupils are equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate an increasingly diverse and multicultural society with empathy and understanding.

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