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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.”
-Chinese Proverb

To deliver French at Stockbridge Village Primary we use the CUSP French curriculum to help develop the children’s linguistic skills. Key areas of focus have been deliberately selected to ensure that pupils are equipped with knowledge and language that will serve them in engaging with important and useful topics such as the environment, wellbeing and travel. The curriculum focuses not just on vocabulary acquisition but also on the building blocks of learning a new language.

CUSP French is taught from Years 3 – 6. Each year group has 6 blocks of 5 weeks teaching. Additional weeks in the academic year can be used for consolidation, revisiting or enrichment. The curriculum is built to be delivered in weekly 30 minute sessions.

The CUSP curriculum has a strong focus on supporting pupils to meaningfully develop their understanding of other cultures and issues that impact on the wider global community. For this reason, CUSP French has a specific emphasis on teaching pupils about French customs, traditions and heritage, including those that are both similar and different to pupils’ own experiences of life in modern Britain.

Blocks of work are organised in a way to allow children to finesse their skills.

As part of the planning and preparation for the delivery of each block, teachers will consider how specific activities or pedagogy may need to be adjusted to ensure that pupils with SEND are able to access the materials and participate fully in the lesson.

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