Sta. Maria de la capilla HH Maristas 

At Stockbridge Village Primary School, we have another partner school in Spain called Sta. Maria de la capilla HH Maristas. Our MFL teacher, Mr Cubero, established this partnership with links he had from his time living in Spain.  Our KS2 children exchange letters and email with our partner school to give them the opportunity to practice their writing and grammar skills and receive feedback from a native speaker. They use this opportunity to discuss the differences and similarities of their cultures, focusing on everyday life. They look at hobbies they share, family structures and school life.

Similarly, they use this opportunity to engage in cultural exchange. This exchange happens across the year looking at different celebrations like Christmas, Easter and Epiphany to compare and contrast the differences across cultures. This works alongside our curriculum, and gives the children the chance to learn Spanish culture alongside the language. It helps teach children how to appreciate other cultures and learn in a respectful way. It gives them the chance to learn how different countries around the world celebrate holidays differently to themselves. We exchange information through letters and fact files or seasonal ways like Christmas cards.