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Welcome to Stockbridge Village Primary School

Welcome to Stockbridge Village Primary School

‘A school teaches in three ways: by what it teaches, by how it teaches and by the kind of place it is.’ Lawrence Downey 

Welcome to our school website. We hope you find the information here helpful and informative and we welcome feedback to continuously improve the way we communicate who we are, what we do, and what we believe.

About our school

Labels for children can inadvertently limit our expectations of them, but here at Stockbridge Village Primary (SVP), we believe every child is intelligent and extraordinary. We want all our children to leave our school with the knowledge, beliefs and skills they will need to lead a flourishing life; and to have the disposition to help others’ to do so too.

To make this happen we believe:

  • All children can be trusted to learn if the conditions for learning are right.
  • In an ethic of ‘Everybody’.
  • Children have the right to participate fully in their lives.
  • Courage and compassion are essential for all learning.
  • Our curriculum will need to offer all children an unbridled, fearless curiosity for knowledge and understanding of our world.
  • Our school is a place that will actively grow hopefulness and ambition.

Our school opened in 2011 and we are very proud of our beautiful building.  Our team work to provide school in which our children feel safe, trusted and valued with each child treated as a unique person and encouraged to pursue their passions and interests with courage.

We have very high standards of  behaviour and manners in school and visitors always comment on the calm and purposeful atmosphere.  Therefore our children enjoy school life and we cherish our relationships.  This means we have a joyful school environment.

At SVP, we have a highly committed and professional staff who all work tirelessly to ensure that the high standards at school are continuously maintained, whilst delivering engaging, compelling lessons with a broad curriculum.  We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in Nursery and Reception and CUSP curriculum from Y1 to Y6, which builds up from the EYFS.

We hope that the online part of our school gives you some insight into how we work and what we have achieved, should you wish to know more however please contact the school office at or by telephone on 0151 477 8020 and arrange to come and visit us!

Thank your for taking the time to find out about us.

Mr James Austin
Head Teacher

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