Anti Bullying  – Council Crew 

For the last 3 weeks our Council Crew Agenda has been focused on Anti Bullying.

First we looked at Our School Behaviour Code and how we already work hard in SVP to ensure there is no bullying.

Then we all shared the work we had done in our Class Crews about anti bullying.

Finally we devised Crew Pledges to show how we personally would support kindness and anti bullying in our school.

Here are some of our pledges …

We pledge to go to the nearest and trusted adult – Chloe’s Crew
We pledge to support and to step in to help our friends  – Lily and Summer’s Crew
We pledge to tell a teacher if someone’s being bullied – Emelia’s Crew
We pledge to be kind to everyone – Mason’s Crew
We pledge not to cyber bully anyone online – Bobby’s Crew

Happy New Year from

Council Crew !